Home Easel Binder Menus PDF Bundle

Receive the Home Easel Binder shipped to your door along with instant downloads of 7 PDF menu plans that can be printed at home. Display recipes, menus, or family schedules beautifully in your home.

There are 60 weeks of menu plans, 12 celebration menus, plus 6 weeks of lunch menus included in this bundle! The menus included in the PDF Bundle are:

*The Lunch Menus contains 6 weeks of menus. Click on each menu name for more information on each plan.

NOTE: This bundle does not include the Sides or 5 Ingredient Menus PDF. We are unable to make modifications to menus included in the PDF Bundle. Thanks for your understanding!

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Jennifer S.
Deleted reviews

They delete reviews. This book doesn't hold the recipes that are included, it's not big enough.

Hello, Jennifer! As mentioned in the product listing the Home Easel Binder includes 30 sheets for your recipes. These are perfect for you to use for your family favorites or for your monthly menu plans. I hope that helps!

Stephanie H.
Fantastic Set

I love all the recipes and the Easel. My husband loves the recipes too. The Easel is a beautiful color and is made very well. It is heavy duty. It looks beautiful on my counter. It sits perfect and holds my printable recipes very nice. I bought extra pages off of Amazon to add to it so I keep my go to recipes in it all the time. Now, I am not fumbling for hours trying to find what I did with each recipe. I also love that the plastic sleeve protects my recipes from my sloppy cooking!!! The plastic has saved my recipe numerous times. 🙂

The quantity of recipes is astounding. We have loved all of them that I have tried. I love cooking so having so many different recipes to try is wonderful. I love that there is a meal plan provided. It makes grocery shopping so much more economical and less painful. And in this day and age we can use all the help we can get!!!

You won't regret getting this bundle or anything in this bundle if you decide to buy separately.

Rebecca B.
I Used to Despise Cooking, But This Bundle Put a Pep in My Step!

I never have been a confident cook and I quite frankly don't like cooking. But funny thing about having a family of humans is that everyone wants to eat, EVERYDAY. Especially lately I had been so uninspired in the kitchen. Often some fresh homegrown vegetables would get me excited to cook but I wasn't able to maintain the vegetable garden's good health this past season. So, my uninspiring cooking turned even more dismal. Until I decided to invest in my family's meal repertoire, that is! I have barely put a dent in the large library of meals that this bundle provides but already we have found some new favorites and saved the money spent on the bundle (and then some) by not getting take out.
There are more chicken recipes than I'd like, which makes sense coming from a 'penny pinching' website. Due to the standards we have for our meat we purchase for our family it actually is cheaper for us to eat lots of ground beef than chicken. We also have tons of cuts of red meat from ordering a half of a slaughtered cow for the family... so I have been keeping an eye out for recipes that sound like they'd do well with a red meat substitute. I have done a poor job of cooking the roasts from the cattle, so it has been nice to substitute roast in for chicken breast in some of the recipes!
I found it is easier for me to experiment more in the kitchen after having experience with these recipes! One day I was going to substitute red meat for a chicken breast crock pot meal so I took out a tenderloin to thaw. It came time to put the meat in the crock pot and I thankfully realized how silly it would be to put such a nice cut of meat such as a tenderloin into a crock pot! So, I pivoted for the day and stuck the meat in the oven. It wasn't a recipe I got from this bundle, but it was a delicacy we got to enjoy thanks to the bundle! All thanks to my trying to follow the meal plans and my growing confidence in the kitchen.
After a few weeks of loosely following the meal plans and having great success, I slacked off last week and again dinner time became chaotic and uninspiring. Agh! Now that I know how it feels to be more put together when it comes to meal planning and cooking it will be easier for me to pull myself out of those cooking slumps. I got back to planning and am looking forward to another week of great meals!
The blue binder is larger than I anticipated it being. I'm not really sure what I was expecting though as it obviously needs to be large enough to hold an 8x11 piece of paper! I wasn't sure how much I'd use it but I actually love it! So many recipes I printed off in times past quickly got ruined. (Or I don't print them off and instead used my phone where I lose the recipes from closing the browser tabs) Despite how much everyone loved the recipe I practically never saved them because the papers were in disarray by the time I thought to put them away in my recipe binder. I'm finding there is much merit to putting it in protected plastic sleeves in a binder that easily stands in the kitchen BEFORE cooking the recipe for the first time. It doesn't get ruined having a proper dedicated place for it as well as the sleeve protection.

Looks Great

I love the easel. It looks great. I enjoy how simple yet sturdy it is.

Erica M.

I bought this pack because I would get EVERYTHING!! I also was interested in the binder but I haven't actually used it. It's beautiful & I think I'm going to eventually put my family's favorites in there that are easy go-tos. But for now I have a 3 ring binder where I printed the files. I did them in B&W, and plan to use some highlighters or colored pencils to add a touch of color!

I also like being able to search the PDF for a specific item or ingredient. Where if I have something on hand I want to use I can make that particular recipe!