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Whipped Cream
Happy Blue

Keep your recipe cards safe in this convenient and compact recipe binder. Our colorful, easy to organize recipe binder includes tab dividers, menu plan box labels that perfectly complement your PPP menu plans, pocket sleeves to hold your PPP recipe cards to help resist spills, and space for you to store your favorites, too! We’ve even included kitchen conversion charts on the inside cover to help you easily be a master in the kitchen.

Whether you choose to use our recipe binder to organize your PPP menu plans or your family favorites, it makes it easy to pass down recipes from generation to generation. Choose from Happy Blue or Whipped Cream colors to match your decor, each design features the phrase “Happiness is homemade” in gold-foil on the front cover, and printed kitchen conversions on the inside covers so that they’re always at your fingertips. Inside you will find double-sided tab dividers - one side is pre-printed with Week 1-12 so that you can organize your PPP menu plans perfectly. The other side is blank for you to customize to fit your needs! The clear plastic sleeves are perfectly sized to fit the 4x6 recipe cards from our menu planning boxes to keep your recipes easily accessible.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathy K.
Love/Hate Relationship

I ordered the extra freezer recipes to add to my original set. My husband and I sat down and put them in the card binder. I quickly found that it would not even cover all of the original set. I think that doubling the original amount of plastic slides. They are FABULOUS. So, this is where I get very frustrated. There is no way that I can find she even order extra plastic slide ins. Not sure exactly what I can do about that. And I think they is priced very high. I got mine on sale for $19, and just couldn’t wrap my head around paying that much for a second one. Now, I’m glad that I didn’t get the second one because I can’t find or purchase anymore of the slides to go inside of the Binders. PLEASE GIVE MORE SLIDES. AND OFFER A PLACE TO PURCHASE EXTRA. THERE IS PLENTY ADD MORE! :-) OTHER THAN THAT, IT IS TOTALLY A GAME CHANGER NOW I’M ABLE TO JUST FLIP THROUGH LOOK AND SEE WHAT I HAVE INSTEAD OF PULLING A CARD OUT OF EVERYTHING AND PUTTING A CARD BACK IN TRYING TO FIND WHERE IT GOES, GREAT PURCHASE IF THERE WERE EXTRA SLIDE SHEETS ON THE INSIDE

Shannon M.

Exactly what I was looking for...

Merrilee S.
Only one "taboo"

I was excited to try this binder out, and what recipe box better to use with it than the Celebrations Menu box? I started filling all the plastic dividers with the recipe cards. I love how it's the perfect size to hold a full recipe box of cards!* It will look much nicer and be more accessible than the recipe box. (I wish I could order a binder that matches the color of the box that it holds!) I do like that it comes with the tab to label the spine of the binder with the name of the recipe box. *MY ONE COMPLAINT in the design is that the slits for the recipe cards are on the side nearest the binder holes. The divider tab cards do not fit in those pockets! I think it would be PERFECT if the slits were horizontal across the top of the pockets, so the cards with the tabs would also fit. Instead, I have the tab cards floating in some of the full-sized plastic pages, but there wasn't enough extras for one per tabbed card. I have so many recipe boxes, now I want to put them ALL in binders!

Alicia L.
Love the Binders

I love the binders and the sleeves I wished there were more colors. On nights that I didn't plan what to cook I found it was easier to easily flip through and pick one with stuff I had on hand.
The only thing that I really wished was different was that there were slots for the "weekly tabs" as those sometimes have great advice for that week. On the Freezer box it has great ideas if you are making that whole week's worth of recipes.

Have Binders In Both - Cream and Happy Blue

I purchased about ten of these. I've got like 4 happy blue and 6 whipped cream. I did have a few problems one ran short on sleeves and one looked like it was ran over by the truck. I contacted the PPP team and they make it right. They have a phenomenon customer service department! I will be adding more to my collections when new boxes launch. Nice products for a fair price.