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        Customer Reviews

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        Kathy R.
        Helpful for reading the OT

        I’ve been wanting to read the entire Bible for a long time. The New Testament has not been difficult but I have trouble getting through the Old Testament. I’m looking forward to getting these journals to help me make it through the Old Testament.

        Jennifer M.

        Love these beautiful journals that can be used to go along with daily readings following the planner or can be used separately for your own Bible reading time or to take notes at church.

        Rhonda J.
        Great addition for Bible study

        These are perfect size & layout to help with my coffee & Jesus time!

        Amanda P.
        Perfect Size

        They fit my Midori style folio perfectly. They are a perfect addition to my personal study time working through each chapter.

        Vicki G.
        True Blessing

        Two years ago I was going through a really rough patch in my life when a friend gave me the New Testament journals for Christmas. She told me they were life changing and wanted me to try them. I have been a Christian all my life and have done the "Bible in a year" programs but I could never stick with them. but she assured me this was different. So I reluctantly tried it. Then like a good friend she kept checking on me to make sure I was doing them. :0) It was slow at first, because I don't journal, but there are prompts at the top of each page to help you think about what you are reading and what you can journal about. It really helped open my eyes and see scripture in a new light. It was no longer a mountain to climb, it was a little meadow each day. I have fallen in love with Him in a whole new way. There are no words for the change He has brought in my life. My friend then gave me the Old testament last Christmas. I would recommend starting with the New Testament Journals where you have 1 chapter a day when you are first doing them. The Old testament is a little more intense with 3 chapters one day and 4 the next. Also looked like a mountain until you start and the chapters fly by. If you don't think you have time, once you start doing these, you find the time. God calls you back each morning to spend time with Him. It is truly a blessing. Thank you for developing these journals that may look simple but are exactly how God wants us to come to Him. One step at a time. If we make it too hard we won't stick with it. Thank you again so much!

        Hello, Vicki! So glad you have loved the journals and that they've helped you in your walk with the Lord. We would love for you to join our Digging Deep bible study group on Facebook.