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        Customer Reviews

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        Jennie Simpson
        Changed my life.

        I cannot give enough praise to these menu plans!! This is an excellent value, and while I have LOVED(!) the recipe boxes and cards, I still find myself going to the pdf version on my tablet. This bundle is perfect if you’re like me in that regard. (Side note: if PDFs and digital downloads scare you, the email they send with the link has instructions to walk you through it!) I’m in my 20s, and I have always dreaded grocery shopping and trying to figure out what we’ll have for supper… and then trying to coordinate the two so we don’t make multiple trips to the store or have food that goes to waste. My favorite part of the menu plans might be the grocery lists. It’s so easy to order groceries online for pickup and know that I have everything I need for the entire week. And there’s no crazy ingredients I’ve never heard of! Laurie and PPP team, thank you so very, very much for this wonderful tool. You have changed my attitude towards cooking, and this is just the beginning. :) I truly can’t thank you enough for that.

        **For those with questions about the binder: it is beautiful, superb quality, and would make the perfect gift for anyone (I ordered two and gave one to my mom!), but please be aware that there is NOT enough room in the binder to fit all 60 weeks of printed menu plans, nor is there room to add more page protectors should you try. For my mom’s binder, I was able to fit the entire lunch series (doubled-sided) just to get her started (hooked ;)), but I would recommend using the binder just for your favorites, or even other recipes/pictures that you have collected. The page protectors are nice quality and would be great for loose notecards, torn out recipes from magazines, etc… or you could use it for something else entirely! Thank you, PPP!

        Amazing value!

        This is such an amazing value for all you get. Especially with the binder that comes with! I'm so excited to not have to plan my meals.

        Dacia G.
        Absolutely amazing!

        These recipes are amazing - I can't wait to get through the entire set. The quality of the binder is great too!

        Jennifer Linder
        Beautiful Binder!

        After my purchase I discovered the binder bundle’s purpose is to store your favorite recipes.. not all that come with the pdf bundle. I ended up purchasing the recipe boxes after this bundle, because the boxes for me are more functional. I still love this binder, I actually use it for when we go on vacation.. I just print and plan everything before we leave and it saves us so much money on eating out.

        Beverly W.
        Thanks for taking away some of the daily pressure!!!

        After working all day and a stressful drive home I’m always racing to get dinner ready for my family of 5. I bought the binder and pdf set only a week ago and have already saved myself so much time and stress. I set my binder up with 30 days of slow cooker meals and have everything prepped so I only have to take minutes in the morning setting up the slow cooker and out the door I go. I no longer feel rushed to fight traffic on my drive home and I get quality time with my family. The only thing that could make this better is a casserole slow cooker menu plan.