2022 Home Planner - Pink with Gold Foil Polka Dots – Passionate Penny Pincher
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        Customer Reviews

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        Heather Farley
        Not Just for Stay at Home Moms!

        I know many stay-at-home parents love this planner because our chores are listed within a weekly calendar spread that help us stay on top of our chores but parents who are single, parents who are working outside the home, etc. ANYONE will find this planner valuable. The chore checklist gives you a plan for the morning and evening to help you stay on top of the every day tasks you need to do every day without having to think about it every day. That's taken care of for you! It's customizable too because you can edit the downloadable bonus and print that, if one prefers. There's also a downloadable file for using directly on a mobile device, if you prefer that style. But the best part? THE FACEBOOK GROUPS you get to join! Filled with thousands of uplifting, encouraging, non-drama, people. I've made the best support system with these groups. I hope you'll join us!

        Kaitlyn Seyler

        I love these planners. Thank you for such a beautiful and well thought out product


        This Home planner has been a life saver for me this year. As a busy teacher & mama of 4, this planner has helped me more than I can say. Not only is it beautiful..... I actually use it. This helps me stay on top of home maintenance and family management better than anything else I have found. Just what I was looking for and needing in my life. It has helped calmed the chaos in my head of "All the Things", into a format that I can see, plan from, and actually implement. I love how the daily checklist has empty spaces for me to track my own goals and needs.
        Love it! Just grabbed my second one and am so excited.

        Sarah Efaw
        Essential in My Home

        This planner lives on my kitchen counter and keeps me so organized. I've been actively working on doing a better job being content in my home, keeping it under control, and making it a place my family wants to be for a few years now. I can see such a difference in my home and my attitude towards my home since I began using this planner. When I find a few extra minutes in my day, I don't have to think about what needs done, I just check my planner and pick something quickly. No more decision paralysis! My meals are planned, laundry is done almost every day, and I rarely forget to take care of my dishes.

        Laura Parsons

        The PPP home planner helps keep my life organized! As a busy mom with 4 children, I often forget what I need to do in a day. This planner is so cute and keeps me on task!