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        Customer Reviews

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        Emilee P.
        So helpful!

        I love this bundle! I can't wait to buy the easel and get everything organized.


        In a different season I used to love menu planning and cooking and would definitely consider myself a foodie. But I have 3 kids now and I do not have the time, energy, or mental capacity to figure out a meal plan every single week that my kids (and husband) will actually eat. I got an email from the PPP crew about the monthly menu plan calendar and it changed everything. Someone else meal plan?? I got the digital bundle and I have cooked out of it most days this month, following the menu plan calendar with some slowcooker meals thrown in for busy afternoons. It has been so easy and has freed up a lot of mental space in my brain. But most importantly, the recipes are easy and they taste great. Everyone has loved them. My very picky 3 year old has even told me on a few occasions "this is the best meal ever" and that is pretty high praise!

        Breanna G.
        Life changing stress reducer

        This has been the best purchase I have made for myself since having my daughter 9 months ago. One of my biggest stressors during the day was figuring out what to make for dinner. Often I wouldn’t think about it until it was too late. We would then either make something easy, like grilled cheese, or order food. This not only takes the stress away from knowing what I am going to make for dinner, but also what groceries I have to get for the week. I am an indecisive person, so making a grocery list usually entailed getting way to much food that wasn’t always used. Now I don’t even have to think about what I need to get, and that saves me time and money.
        I have been working my way through the volume one slow cooker menu, and I have loved every single recipe so far. My husband and I adopted two teens from Ukraine over a year ago and they are picky eaters. So far they have either tolerated or loved everything I have made. The timing of the slow cooker meals usually works out so that I put everything together either during my daughters first nap, or at lunch when my husband is home. This is such a huge blessing to me because it means spending more time with my kids and less time cooking. So awesome!
        I have already gotten both my mom and sister-in-law hooked on this system as well. My mother in law is also interested, but is currently on a low carb diet. I will continue to suggest this menu plan to any busy mom I know. I love the pdfs and being able to pull the recipes and grocery lists up on my phone or computer.
        If you are on the fence and wondering if this is worth it, it is, buy it, you won’t regret it.

        karen f.
        Great Value!!

        The PDF version was the best value for our family of 6. Everything is so organized and I really feel like it makes dinners so much more manageable.

        Nice option

        I typically prefer to have the physical card for a recipe, but the convenience of being able to store them on my tablet is such a great space-saving option