Work Planner (2024-2025)

Balancing your work life can be overwhelming, but our Work Planner is here to help you become efficient and organized with your everyday tasks. This academic year Work Planner is the perfect tool to help you focus on your goals and reflect on why you do the work you do.

The planner includes simple prompts and clear directions to assist with goal setting, organizing your workspace, encouraging those around you, prioritizing tasks, and much more! You'll have all the necessary tools to make every day count. 

In the Passionate Penny Pincher Work Planner, you will find a Monday start and vertical format, making it easy for users to manage their events, set reminders, create checklists, and track projects.

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Another Hit! (But Accessories Incompatible)

Like the first one, this seems to be a great planner! Even though the first version still has 6 months left in it, I plan to switch to this one. I prefer the blue cover and the smaller size.

My one complaint is that the binding changed. Initially I was really impressed by it, loving that there is no coil that will snag and pull on things in my bag. However, if you're like me and you've invested in the planner accessories, you need to know that they DO NOT work with this planner. It took me several frustrating minutes of trying to force a bookmark in before I figured that out. Yes, I can still use them with my other PPP planners, but it kind of feels like apple changing their charger with every new release. I would also recommend putting a note in the item description letting customers know that they are not compatible with the accessories so they don't do what I did and purchase extra accessories to go with a planner they are incompatible with.

Thank you so much for your feedback, LC! With the cover change, we also had to make a change to the coil. While it doesn't work with the pack of bookmarks sold seperately, we included a bookmark with this Work Planner. So happy to hear that you are loving the smaller size and updated cover!


LOVE the planner. My only complaint is that the cover, which is beige cloth and beautiful at first, gets dirty very fast.

Hello, LC! So happy that you are loving your planner! We sure appreciate your feedback on the cover - we've worked on a new solution and know you're going to love the new material!

Beautiful planner

I got this planner to help with my small business I run from home. I think this would be a great planner for those who have a 9-5 or very predictable days. My days are difficult to plan out hourly because I run my business while homeschooling and running a home. The home planner is a much better fit for me. The planner has great goal setting pages that I find really helpful though. I also reduced a star because the linen cover is beautiful but gets dirty very easily. It would be fine in an office setting though.

Hello, Micki!

Thank you so much for your honest review of our Work Planner! We've worked on a new solution for the cover and know you're going to love the new material!

Bea M.
I absolutely love this planner

I love this layout and the whole planner. I do not know what I would change. I hope it comes back in 2025 because I will absolutely buy another.

Jovētta S.
Practical and User Friendly

In love with this planner! I tend to buy lots to try but this is the best! I know you are already working on a different Cover so I wont address that but that slight change will keep me reordering for sure! Ive heard requests to add more note pages and I second that! Its very well laid out, quality materials, set up for easy of use and is super user friendly. I actually WANT to use this one! I will refer people to buy it and will use it, unlike others that just sit collecting dust. LOVE ❤️