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Work Planner (2024-2025)

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Balancing your work life can be overwhelming, but our Work Planner is here to help you become efficient and organized with your everyday tasks. This academic year Work Planner is the perfect tool to help you focus on your goals and reflect on why you do the work you do.

The planner includes simple prompts and clear directions to assist with goal setting, organizing your workspace, encouraging those around you, prioritizing tasks, and much more! You'll have all the necessary tools to make every day count. 

In the Passionate Penny Pincher Work Planner, you will find a Monday start and vertical format, making it easy for users to manage their events, set reminders, create checklists, and track projects.

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Customer Reviews

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Jill M.
Great planner

I love the vertical fill ins for each day. This planner is very useful and beautiful

Good but hard to keep up with

I ended up giving this to my sister since she is starting a new job. I decided it would be too hard to keep up with the home planner and a work planner, so I picked the home planner. The work one is very intentional though! Lots of places to set goals and reflect.

Laura E.

Love it!!!!

Olivia C.
On Second Thought...

I bought the PDF version when the work planner first launched. At that time I didn't like the idea of needing another app just to keep up with it, I really wanted a physical one because I enjoy writing and for me physical is easier. I also wasn't fond of how long it took to adjust and type in the spaces. Again call me old fashioned and give me my pen and paper. Now I am on my second PDF version and I love it. I use it in Goodnotes on my phone, no hesitation. As a hairstylist and small business owner, I like being able to access my planner anywhere and at anytime without having to carry an extra item around. I love that on days when I am off and away from home if I get a call or text to schedule an appointment I don't have to wait until I get back to "my book" and risk forgetting to write it down or make a return call to set it up later because the planner is always with me. The extra features are nice too. I don't use them quite as much, I'm still an amateur planner, but every time I buy a PPP planner I use it a little more than the last. So I cannot wait to unlock the full potential of using this planner.

Amy S.
Liked the bigger work planner better

I should have read the small print. I have the old work planner and the new one. Didn't realize the planner would be smaller, nor did I notice the year would start in July. So now I have two planners that overlap for 6 months. That said, I love all of the goal setting and monthly review pages. I am still homeschooling several children. I would love to see more of a homeschool mom type planner for lesson plans. I like the work planner layout for tasks, appointments, etc. but I cannot fit all of the different lesson plans for each of my children in it. Any chance you will develop a planner specifically for homeschooling in the future?