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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1921 reviews

        I LOVE this planner. It motivates me to get things done, period. And it makes me think of things I wouldn’t normally think of to do. On Sunday I organized our hall closet as my weekly task and it just felt so good to set aside the time that week to do that. Do I get everything done every single week? No. But I get to try again the next week. I love the budget page at the end of each month too because it makes me actually sit and look at how we’re spending and talk to my spouse about it. This is worth every penny. It’s beautiful and brings me so much joy every day. 10/10 stars, highly recommended. It will change how you do things in your house! I have both the digital and paper and prefer the paper copy.

        Keryn G.
        Love this planner

        I purchased the digital version of the planner which I love. I write on in on an iPad with the good notes app and it is super easy to switch tabs, apply stickers (ppp and others) and use my pen colors to categorize my activities and commitments. Plus I can open it from my phone any time a see what I’m supposed to be doing (or buying from the grocery as I also got a meal planning digital box). The graphics are beautiful but I really love this lists, suggestions and checklists. I love me some checklists. Marking them off makes my day and keeps me motivated to get my chores done. The extra suggestions weekly have gotten my pantry, spices, under sink, and child’s closet organized as well without it being overwhelming. This is my favorite planner by far, especially for a SAHM, but I’d still be using it if I was working. I also love how it’s keeping me in the Word daily in addition to the other studies I’m doing. The more God the better. ❤️

        Kayla R.
        Great Planner

        Love the planner, it's been a huge help with planning out our big home projects for the year.
        The only things that I would like to see would be at least one more page available for notes at the beginning of each month, more stickers and/or spot markers with initial purchase, and at least one more budget/note page at the back of each month.

        Julie C.
        My Personal Assistant

        I've enjoyed this planner so much! Between the chores and the scripture reminders, I feel like my day runs a lot smoother. The pink floral is so cute and the matching bag makes it extra portable. I've used it to track everything from events, to baby led weaning. Thank you!

        Mickey A.
        Beautiful planner

        I have purchased a ton of planners in the last few years to “fix” my chronic disorganization. This one is one of the prettiest and it does a decent job with helping me with running the house.