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This is NOT your traditional planner. The Home Planner is a game changer for busy families because of the pre-made checklists and a recommended Bible scripture to read during the week. 

Unlike your usual planners, each checklist is designed to add MORE time and LESS work to an already busy day. Easily check off those daily tasks along with any weekly tasks that may not be at the top of the priority list. When was the last time you organized the stack of cookbooks on top of the fridge or developed the pictures on your phone? The checklist will make sure no plan or task is forgotten.

Along with the weekly checklists and a daily short scripture to read*, there are also seasonal checklists to help throughout the year. It’s perfect for getting your home organized for a new year! Whether you need a list for vacation planning, hosting guests, yard maintenance, or managing your finances, these checklists are perfect to make sure your bases are covered and ensure no plan is cancelled. For unique recurring tasks in your home—seasonal or personal—add them to the monthly checklist page so that you don’t forget. 

Our mission is to beautifully care for our homes and the Home Planner was designed to be a delightful addition to your home, too! The tabs were designed so that they can be removed and displayed as an art piece in your home. With fun colors, beautiful designs, practical checklists and encouraging scripture, you’ll see that the Home Planner is truly one of a kind. 

*The daily readings for 2024 are from the New Testament. There are no scripture prompts inthe Blank Journals if you want additional journaling space or want a set of journals tobuild a bundle.

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Very overpriced

Ramsey W.
My Favorite Planner

The best planner I have ever had! I’m picky when it comes to planners, but the home planner exceeds my expectations each year! So aesthetically pleasing, love the scripture throughout, the best customer service - just the absolute best!

Vicky W.
Don’t change a thing!

I absolutely love that I have found you and these products- planners ! Your planners are the best in my opinion. I love the fact that scripture is laced throughout. And our days begin with reading His word. I know there are those that want YOU to conform to them and change YOUR product to fit them but I say keep doing what you’re doing. There are lots of us who like what you are doing. I pray the Lord continue to bless you. Great product! Great customer service!


The best of the best!
Great product and great customer service

Kayla C.
Must have!

These yearly planners are amazing! I seriously don't know what I did before them. I have been ordering from them for 4 years, and it has been a life saver!