Freezer Menus Freezer Bag Insert Cards


To help prepare your freezer meals when you're ready to cook, the small freezer bag insert cards pack make your cooking day easier. Each pack comes with 60 single-use cards from our Freezer Menus Series



Laurie suggests double bagging the freezer meals. One bag is your "meal bag" which contains all of the ingredients to make the meal on your cooking day.

To minimize leaking accidents, and to lower the risk of freezer damage to your meal while it's freezing, the "meal bag" is placed into a second bag. This bag is where you can add the small insert card.

When you're ready to make dinner, just take out the small insert card from the freezer bag and your instructions to prepare dinner that night are right at your fingertips!


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    Must have

    I’ve made a lot of freezer meals, and not having to track down instructions or remember details is exactly what freezer cooking is for! This also helps my husband and kids pull something out of the freezer and get dinner done.


    Love these for slipping into my pre-made meals in the freezer. We are busy and my husband and I both work long hours, so these are a life saver!


    Includes only instructions to cook premade / frozen meal (recipe not included) along with a religious message. They’re in the recycle bin.

    Hello, Josie! I am so sorry that you weren't satisfied with your purchase. These Freezer Insert Cards were created to be used alongside the recipes in our Freezer Menu Box. After making the freezer meal from our menu plan box, you place the freezer insert card with the prepared meal so that the instructions are with it and anyone is able to cook it - without hunting down the original recipe. I hope that helps!


    Did not receive, waiting on seller for response about refund.

    So sorry for the issue! We've reached out to you a couple of times via email and are awaiting your response. Your order shows as delivered on our end and we're needing you to verify your address for us. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Perfect Additions!

    These are such great additions to the freezer menu process!