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        Customer Reviews

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        Karly Baisden
        EASY meals that are SO good!

        This recipe box set is high quality and makes meal planning SO easy! The weekly grocery list and prep tips make menu planning for your family a smooth process and the meals are seriously so good! Recipes have simple and common ingredients. If you are in a rut eating the same meals all the time or want to cook more at home this recipe plan box gives you a simple guide that will leave you and your family impressed!

        Kayla Ziesmer
        Time and Money Saver

        We have a baby due in May and decided to get this box to help prep meals when the time gets a little closer. Little did we know, the recipes would be too enticing too wait that long, so since it is just two of us, we divide the recipes in two and make an 8x8 pan for dinner and freeze an 8x8 pan (GREAT recommendation from the PPP Facebook community). The meals we've tried so far have been delicious and SO simple. I think the hash brown and ham casserole is going to quickly become a staple at our house. We also love the little cards with directions that you can put on your freezer meal - such an amazing idea. This has already saved us from eating out a few times in the short time that we've been making the freezer meals. I highly recommend purchasing this pack if you are trying to eat out less or need simple meal ideas!

        Game changer

        I came to this website for the planner, left with that and this freezer meals box. I was getting in a rut with my meal planning. I felt like dinners were boring and just the same stuff over and over. I dreaded meal planning as well. So I treated myself to this freezer meal series, justifying my purchase by telling myself the freezer meals will really make things easier and healthier when I work at our seasonal concessions business in summers. Well I got the recipes in January and I've been so impressed! Each week I now look forward to meal planning because I get to pull out this adorable box and take the cards for the week I'm on and go through and decide which ones I'm making that week! Like a little Christmas morning each week! All the recipes have been SO GOOD! I have 7 kids y'all. SEVEN. Plus a husband and everyone has different likes and preferences. But these meals have been a hit! Even my pickier eaters are trying the meals and eating most of it. Several of the meals my oldest child has declared "his new favorite." And there is one dessert recipe each week. We've been so impressed with these as well. I think the best lemon bars and chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. I'm 38 y'all that's saying something. I keep getting requests to remake the same desserts over and I'm like "No there's more yet to come, child!"
        I haven't even frozen anything yet but this box is amazing. I love putting the (high quality/wipeable) cards that I'm using for the week near my planner so I can easily see if any prep needs to be done earlier in the day. Oh and I WILL be ordering more recipe series!

        Tiffany Collins
        Freezer meals are a life saver!

        The freezer meals are a must for busy weeknights. They’re delicious(my kids actually eat them) and quick!

        Jamie Ledford
        This Changes Everything!

        I have struggled to meal plan and execute during our busy days and this set took all the hard work out of the equation! My family has loved every recipe. It is saving my sanity to have a week of fantastic meals planned out for me, just waiting to be taken out of the freezer. This plan is a lifesaver for baseball season!