Freezer Menu Plans Pack

Want an easy, healthy dinner option in a pinch when your daily schedule is a little chaotic? You’ll love the delicious, healthy meals in the Freezer Menu Plan for this very reason! 

The Freezer Menu Plan has 12 weekly menus containing 72 freezer meal recipes.* Each freezer meals menu includes prep tips, so it’s easy to make multiple meals in under an hour on your freezer cooking day. The “baby cards” that go with the freezer meals include the meal prep instructions making it easy for someone else to prepare dinner.  

The freezer meal recipes include a variety of cooking methods, including the slow cooker, grill, stove-top, or oven. All of the recipe cards include calorie counts, serving sizes, required prep, and cook times for healthy freezer meals. There are step-by-step instructions to prepare the recipe as a freezer meal as well as directions so you can cook a delicious meal for the whole family right out of the freezer. 

The grocery shopping list will make shopping a breeze (whether you shop in-store or on an app). The prep tips tell you what veggies and proteins to prepare in advance and save time on freezer cooking day. It’s possible to get 6–10 easy freezer meals done in under an hour!

Our freezer box also comes with a pack of 60 small freezer bag insert cards, also known as “baby cards.” These are intended to be single-use and included with each freezer meal when it’s made. When you’re ready to use the meal, just take out the “baby card” and dinner instructions are right at your fingertips!

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    Love the Freezer Meals!

    The freezer meals are so great, the guidance and facebook lives are really helpful.

    One of My Favorite Menu Plans!

    Love, Love the Freezer Meals!


    Such a great box of recipes!!!


    I love these. I make the meals and freeze them for the most part since I live alone

    Freezer Box a Benefit

    I purchased the Freezer Box as part of a bundle. The Freezer Box has helped me realize the benefit of having meals in the freezer already prepared. I have a two person household so I split each recipe into two batches. I use one that night and the other one I freeze. Yes it takes a little bit of time to prepare and freeze and a little planning to de thaw but two meals in one is a time saver for me.