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Great Work Planner

This planner was so great for me this year. I had the larger version from last year and it was super helpful. I realized I loved having an hourly layout for planning my day. I missed some of the "Check Boxes" from the home planner but this wasn't a deal breaker. The beige canvas cover was a magnet for stains, unfortunately. My one thing for this year's planner and why I won't be re-buying it is the coil. I wish it was a single coil instead of a double. Those types of coils never hold up well with my daily usage. Great design of the planner on the inside though and I love the color of the cover this year!

Sent it to my granddaughter. She lives them.

Great product would buy again!

Great product would buy again!

Summer Survival Kit
Jennifer L.
Summer Thriving!

I purchased this bundle when it was offered on sale. I have used several of the recipes already, and all have been winners! The grilling recipes were a new thing for me, but I was able to do two of them and they turned out amazingly well.
The addition of the journals, checklist, and kid checklist was a nice little bonus. My daughter was excited to have her own PPP items!

Great service for busy moms

I really love the monthly grocery membership. So far I have used it multiple times and it worked well. My only suggestion would be to offer something with us empty nesters in mind. I have to cut everything in half.

Love, love, love!!!!

So pretty!

Very cute! I love that it holds 4x6 recipe cards without being too bulky!

The lid was a bit stuck at first, but it loosened up a bit and is easier to get on and off now!

Very useful

This grocery list is perfect! Very useful and pretty as well.

Love the format and the sticky back is great, but if you want to be able to take it off the fridge to write things and then put it back rather than standing in front of the fridge, you might prefer to add magnets instead of peeling off the cover on the sticky backing.

Love this deal

Everything came in beautifully packaged, and I love the summer series

Menus PDF Downloads Bundle

Excellent recipes

I have never received this

Oh no, Karen! Please reach out to us via email and we will make sure you receive this!

Walmart Grocery

Love it! Takes few minutes and down for week. Is easy to do and saves so much time!

Wonderful Wedding Gift

I cannot wait to give this to my niece as a wedding gift. It was received quickly. I have several that I use all the time.

Every recipe I’ve made so far has been easy and delicious. This makes menu planning and grocery shopping so much easier!

Beautiful and Functional

These were an awesome treat to receive. They are lovely in design, feel quality in touch, and will be great for list-making with the checkboxes for the blank journals. Love them.

Another great product

Can't wait to go through this with my son to help him with his planning. Love the daily checklists and the seasonal ones as well (back to school prep, etc.). I hope future iterations will bind the sticker sheets into the planner instead of sending them as loose pages, but we'll just staple them to the back page to keep them with the planner. They are a great addition.

These are great!

I do not enjoy cooking, but love home cooked meals. This lets me provide home cooked meals without all the stress. Thank you!

Lunch Menu

Although I have not made anything from the lunch menu plan I look forward to having access to more menus to rotate. I like how a lot of them are kid friendly that I think my granddaughters would enjoy.

Loving the diversity of meal options and easy to follow instructions! Plus the color coordination and dividers are nice!

Beautiful quality product

This is a beautiful well put together piece. I purchased it thinking I would use it for my son’s school assignments etc. At the time I forgot about the student planner. So now I’m thinking on how to use this myself. I have the home planner, work planner, and the student planner. They are all beautiful high quality products. I have spent thousands of dollars on planners before 2019 or 2020 when I discovered PPP. Of all the planner brands I’ve purchased this is such high quality. I keep coming back because of that and the excellent customer service.

2nd time purchasing

Previously I purchased and gifted it. They loved it. Now my son is entering TK. He is 4 and currently does a lot of the items listed on the checklist. I’m excited to use this tool starting now to teach him the accountability, organization, and study skills he will need in the future. Also to help my husband and I. In preschool he had assignments like read 15 minutes, practice writing, and worksheets. Sometimes when tucking my son in he would be like we didn’t do my folder. So we were doing homework at bedtime hopefully not this year.