PPP Discount Code Details

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*Any order that includes a custom build-your-own bundle will not be eligible to use these discount codes. All bundles are reduced drastically - up to 65% off retail - and they have been reduced even further for this sale. Thanks for your understanding and support!


Why is the promo code not working on my bundle purchase?

The bundles are discounted using a discount code. Unfortunately due to this, the promo discount code cannot also be used in this transaction.

Will I earn PPP Perks rewards with this purchase? 

Yes! Just make sure you are logged into your account before completing the purchase for the points to register. We are unable to make adjustments to accounts after a purchase has been made.

Review the PPP Rewards Overview page for more details.

Can I use my PPP Perks rewards with this promo code? 

Unfortunately, no. The PPP Perks reward is considered a discount code. Our system is limited to only allow one coupon code during checkout. We encourage you to do the math and see which discount code works out better.

Where do I add the discount code or gift card? 

Once you're finished shopping, click the "READY TO CHECKOUT" button on the cart page. You will be directed to enter your personal information and this is where you will also add any codes.

If you're on a mobile device, your screen will look similar to this:


where to enter promo coded on mobile device

If you're on a desktop computer, your screen will look similar to this:

where to enter promo code on desktop computer


Please contact us and we will help in any way! 

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