Freezer Bag Stands (pack of 2)

The hands-free rack clip is adjustable to hold a bag as small as a sandwich or snack bag all the way up to a gallon-size storage bag. The base contains non-slip rubber to easily add ingredients without worrying about an unsteady surface. 

The freezer bag holders will make your freezer cooking day a breeze!  

Prepare meals and mix marinades without worrying about spills thanks to the non-slip rubber on the base of the plastic or ziplock bag holder. You will find yourself reaching for these bag holders for everyday meal prep—they are a great kitchen assistant!

When the clips are extended fully and standing upright, the bag stand is 10 inches tall to accommodate a gallon-size storage bag. When standing upright without the clips extended, the bag stand is 7 inches tall which easily accommodates a sandwich bag or a quart-size storage bag.

The bag holders fold flat for easy storage in a drawer or tucked into a crevice in the cabinet. It’s perfect as a food and ziplock bag holder!

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    Love it so much we got two!

    And give them as gifts!

    Great Product

    Great product to use during the freezer menu process... definitely makes using the bags easier!

    Great Accessories!

    Such great accessories to have when cooking the freezer meals and even just cooking in general! Love these!


    These make freezer prep so much easier!

    Cheri P.

    These are simply the best bag stands I have ever used. I have others that I bought previously - and I don’t like them after trying these. They are slim, compact, versatile, and easy to store (unlike the others). I use these for more than just freezer cooking (which I don’t do much, sad to admit). They are also good for whenever you are cooking in the kitchen. I just put a ziplock on the stand and use it as a mini-trash can to discard anything I’m throwing away. It saves a TON of time when cooking by not having to run back and forth to the trash can - or move the trash can close to what I am doing. I use it when cooking and canning. I can see these being useful when doing arts or crafts with children (think Sunday School or Vacation Bible School). Great product!