Accessories Kit


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Accessories make everything better, and the PPP Accessories Kit was designed with our customers in mind! 


The kit includes fun accessories that are pretty, practical, AND functional. 

There are lots of pop-in components, which means you can pop them into the coil binding whenever you need them (and pop them out just as easily, too). These pop-ins include dry-erase sheets for the Home Planner Vacation Planning and Company is Coming checklists. There is also a dry-erase sheet with days of the week listed so you can add your own unique weekly list of tasks, too. 

Want more places to hold documents in the planner? The pop-in folders are perfect for this! Just pop the folder in as needed. 

The Accessories Kit also includes a pop-in holder for pre-made sticky notes. These sticky notes are designed to fit the weekly checklist in the Home Planner. If you want to cover up the entire week's pre-made checklist or just cover up a single line, the sticky notes are just the right size to fit. This allows for more personalization of the daily tasks - make it your own, friend! 


Other fun items included are the gold binder clips and ball-point pens - they match perfectly with the planner's gold coil. Throw these inside the beautiful canvas zipper pouch when they're not being used. There are also magnetic bookmarks and a pop-in pen holder with gold elastic.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer M.
Perfect companion for planner

I really like all the accessories to go with the planner. The magnetic bookmarks are so nice. The dry erase checklists are so helpful and I love that I can place them anywhere in the planner that I need them. The accessory bag is really nice material and perfect for holding all of my pens, sticker books and clips.

Tanesha M.
A Must!

I really like all the accessories packs/bundles I've purchased. Super handy and very much needed. I use the dividers every 4 months to separate what I need. I usually purchase two pack so I can have more pop in folders. I just like storing my bills and receipts to do my monthly budget.


I love these cute accessories. They are perfect and the bookmarks are so motivating. I'm actually going to buy three more when they restock. <3


Love all of these accessories!

Good Items to use with planner

I use the daily dry erase sheet as a to do list. The pop in pocket folders help keep papers /bills needed for the week accessible. The sticky note tasklist/checklist a useful too I already purchase the planner sticky note refill. These are good items to use with your planner.