Work Planner (2024-2025)

Balancing your work life can be overwhelming, but our Work Planner is here to help you become efficient and organized with your everyday tasks. This academic year Work Planner is the perfect tool to help you focus on your goals and reflect on why you do the work you do.

The planner includes simple prompts and clear directions to assist with goal setting, organizing your workspace, encouraging those around you, prioritizing tasks, and much more! You'll have all the necessary tools to make every day count. 

In the Passionate Penny Pincher Work Planner, you will find a Monday start and vertical format, making it easy for users to manage their events, set reminders, create checklists, and track projects.

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Customer Reviews

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Love, love, love!!!!

Nicole E.
Beautiful quality product

This is a beautiful well put together piece. I purchased it thinking I would use it for my son’s school assignments etc. At the time I forgot about the student planner. So now I’m thinking on how to use this myself. I have the home planner, work planner, and the student planner. They are all beautiful high quality products. I have spent thousands of dollars on planners before 2019 or 2020 when I discovered PPP. Of all the planner brands I’ve purchased this is such high quality. I keep coming back because of that and the excellent customer service.

Kirsten K.
Love the smaller size!

I love the smaller size of this planner - it's perfect to put in my teacher bag. And it's so helpful to be able to fill out next academic year's calendar dates in June, and start July 1st. Teachers plan for multiple classes a day the same way parents plan for households - and having more time in the summer to look ahead reduces stress in the fall and (for me) the holiday season. Thank you, PPP, for always looking for ways to make planning fun, elegant, and professional. I received compliments on my blue planner when I wrote in it at closing faculty meetings. I use a detailed planner for my lessons, so this work planner is perfect for jotting down the overall theme and going confidently into each day. I also write in birthdays, anniversaries, events, and even the moon phases! For the first time, I bought the teacher stickers, and they make me smile each time I open a month!

Love it!

I had the cream cover planner before and love the switch to the blue. Plus the smaller size is better. It's nice to have the hourly lines to plan out my work day. And the July to June is perfect for me as a teacher. Highly recommend this work planner!

Catherine J.
Super excited to use the new version

I purchased the original work planner and while I like it, I didn't care for the cream cover (sorry, messy person) and it felt larger than I wanted. The minute I got the new version I was super excited. I love the blue color and the smaller size!! While not a huge size change, it's small enough to be good for transporting but big enough to write in. I am really excited to start using this planner!