2022 Home Planner - Blue Leaf – Passionate Penny Pincher
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        Customer Reviews

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        Kim Charron
        Love This Planner

        I finally found the perfect planner that fits all my needs to keep me on track and organized. I love the layout and the lines for extras. it is easy to follow. there are so many different ways and areas in the planner to track multiple areas of your life. it is so neat and clean I hate to make the first pen mark in it. it has truly made a huge difference in organizing my life. I have Ptsd that makes it difficult to focus and start every day tasks but with the check boxes I go one by one and it reduces my stress and anxiety making me feel accomplished for the day and reminds me and helps me keep track of when routine home maintenance is due. I will continue to buy this planner each year!!

        Rhonda Jackman
        Newbie here! Wonderful 1st planner!

        I happen to come across Laurie on FB with here recipe boxes and was intrigued. I don't care for have a bunch of boxes so I ordered the pdf. Then learned about the planner! Omg! Life changing! While this is my first Life planner I believe it should be called, I think it is the best! If your on the fence just order it! It has helped me redirect my life and there is room to personalize it! Laurie has put so many details into this planner snd she's sweet enough to give you the current year quarter to start your planner journey! I'm so Blessed to have found her and this group! They are like family❣️

        Ann Kitterman
        Hone Planner

        Best planner ever!!!!!!
        This will be my third year of using the Home Planner!

        Alethea Crossman
        Why I bought this as 2nd Planner. It's DIFFERENT!

        I'm a paper planner gal. To do lists, errands. And I use Cozi app to keep appointments. But y'all! All the house "to do" stuff ... I never can keep up & always feel behind. So I LOVE this planner! It helps me make PROGRESS in getting my house under control, and because I leave it out open on my counter, my people can see what needs to be done & will over time learn to jump in and start checking off a few things. WORTH EVERY PENNY

        Looks so well made, but with thoughtful touches from people who've actually run a home before

        Jenny Newberry
        Best Planner Ever!

        This will be my third year using the planner. The first year I used the PDF that I printed and put in a binder because the physical planners were already sold out by the time I discovered PPP. Unfortunately the binder was so unwieldy and awkward that I didn't use it very much that first year but I loved the concept so I ordered the physical planner on launch day last year. The physical planner is so much better than my home printed one in a binder and has massively changed the state of my house this past year! I strongly recommend giving the planner a try if you are like me and struggle to keep track of when the last time you cleaned something was. The planner tells you exactly what to do and when to do it and if you miss a few boxes it is ok. They will come around again next time and you can hit them then! This year's planner is gorgeous and I can't wait to start filling it in when my new TUL pens arrive! LOL