Summer Recipes and Meal Plans with Shopping Lists – Passionate Penny Pincher
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 158 reviews
        Arlena Kaus
        Great recipes!

        Bought the pdf first, but decided I needed the recipe cards too!

        Sara Garcia
        These are great

        We love grilling out this haves us more options than we had.

        Lynnette Hadder
        I own all the plan’s and this one is my favorite

        I use weeks two and three all the time. The Mexican Chicken Salad from week four is a family favorite. I have taken it to church and to scout events and it's always a big hit. I usually serve it with Frito corn chips it just makes for an easy summer eat whenever meal.
        Another great feature of these meal plans is that you get them all in PDF when you order the box. This means when I go on vacation, I don't have to worry about taking the card or the box with me. I have also been able to look up recipes while I was at the grocery store. Another plus is you can begin using your recipes before you receive your box in the mail because you usually receive the PDF within 5 minutes of placing your order.
        But the best feature of these meal plans is the DRY ERASER GROCERY LIST. I've been a stay-at-home mom for 20 plus years. Since my kids are all teenagers or grown, I decided it was time to fulfill my longtime goal of going to college. By the end of my first semester, we were eating out all the time because we had “no food” in the house. Since I was so busy with school, I didn't have time to meal plan anymore. With these new meal plans I was able to take the shopping list. Do a quick run through of the pantry and then go to the grocery store. I would put this week’s cards on a little clipboard and whoever was in charge of cooking that night just followed the recipe. It's so nice to have homemade food again and we stop spending so much money eating out.
        And now with online ordering I don't even have to go to the grocery store, anymore. What used to be a 3-to-4-hour process I can now do in 30 minutes. They have been such a Godsend to my family, and I should graduate in the summer of 2022 with my bachelor’s degree.
        Thank you, Laurie and the Passionate Penny Pincher Team!

        Andrea Harris
        Family Hit!

        These are a family hit! We love to grill and these just make it so much easier!

        April Parrish
        Very Helpful!

        This was the first menu plan I ordered, and it did not disappoint! I very much struggle with meal planning, and have a very bad habit of eating out more than at home. This planner really helped take away the “scariness” of trying to plan meals for the weak, and really simplified the process!
        My only suggestion for improvement would be perhaps downsizing the meal plan servings. I am a single woman, and while I do occasionally have company over, for the majority of the time I’m fixing meals for one. I don’t mind leftovers, so I tend to make one or two meals for the week, and eat on them all week long. However, if there were ever meal plans that were downsized to provide more practical sized meals and still get some variety for us single gals, that would DEFINITELY be something I would be interested in! Just a thought! Otherwise, love it!