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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 75 reviews
        Amanda B.
        No Brainer Meal Mlanning

        I continue to enjoy not having to rack my brain each month with meal planning. Love the ease of simply adding the pre-made list of ingredients to my Walmart shopping cart and picking my order up.

        Sally T.
        A Real Timesaver!

        This is an awesome service, a money saver and a time saver. The recipes are easy to follow, the ingredients easy to find. The only thing I would like to see is being able to upload individual meal ingredients. I work middle shift two weekday nights so I don’t cook then. It would be great to just choose the meals I know I’ll be making that week and just upload their ingredients to Walmart. But it’s a small detail. I can delete what I won’t be needing before I finalize my grocery list. Otherwise it’s perfect!

        Kat G.
        Great!... however....

        The handiness of having the menu planned and connected to the grocery store is unparalleled to any other subscription available. All recipes are delicious and uncomplicated enough that our tween/teen can make the meals on "their" days.

        Shannon B.
        Complete life saver!!!

        I am a home schooling mama who does not work outside the home. You'd think I would be totally on top of my game with all things domestic. You would be wrong. I don't know what it is about grocery shopping, but I just cannot seem to get my act together. (The act being making a list of groceries needed for the week.) Even the simple act of taking a weekly grocery list from one of my many PPP recipe boxes and entering the items into a grocery delivery app seemed challenging at times. I felt a little guilty getting this at first (I mean, I ought to be able to make my own darn grocery order, right), but that guilt is totally gone now. This saves me so much time and I don't run out of groceries any more. (No more, "Oh crud! I didn't finish the grocery order," moments for me!) I click the link, add everything to my cart, then delete the items I don't need. I then add other things I need for the week, schedule a pickup, and when I get there the groceries are loaded into my car. What could be easier??? If I had one criticism or suggestion, really, it is this: While I do have a local Walmart, I would like the option for other grocery stores. I have no idea about the logistics of making that happen, but it would be great if that was something that came down the pike one day. Aside from that, I will continue to print my menus, click my links, and order my groceries from Walmart, and I will continue to be one happy mama!

        Debbie D.
        Time saver and a nice variety

        I love this EASY system, easy to add and remove cart items. Recipes are easy to make and family friendly. Saves me lots of time, easy to tweak for family likes/dislikes. Customer service is very responsive. Definitely worth a try!