Fridge Meal Plan Pad

Are you tired of everyone asking, "What's for Dinner?" The Fridge Meal Plan Pad is designed to stick conveniently to any surface. It is incredibly helpful for scheduling and keeping track of meals, whether cooking dinner, eating out, or having leftovers. With everyone in the know, grocery shopping becomes a breeze - especially when paired with ourGrocery List Notepad.

The Fridge Meal Plan Pad is organized in a weekly calendar format, running from Monday to Sunday, and it's the perfect place to jot down your menu plans and snacks.

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Makes Life Easier

I love how this sticks to the refrigerator and you can plan EVERYTHING for the week. I used to plan meals for two weeks at a time. I don't have toddlers but the snacks is brilliant for those who have littles.

Jennifer M.

Great for planning the weekly menu and the family likes being able to see what is planned

Wendy S.
Like it more and more

I admit, I'm old school. I know - smart phones can take the place of our planners but, sorry Mr.Gates, they will never do it as well. Nothing can jog your memory like seeing your own writing scribbled in haste; at least for me. Suddenly, I'm in that moment again, reliving the significance of choosing THAT day, THAT hour, the faces ill see again, the conversation we had, the questions I have to reconnect to that day's specially planned and hand written agenda. Its customized for me, by me - not just presenting my life as colored dots scattered lifelessly under corresponding numbers.
And then theres's the part I didn't write. As I thumb through the pages of my past, and my future, the random page catches my eye that NO iPhone ever presented. My 5 year old's little notes that remind me WHY I do what I do.
I love these planners; the monthly view followed by daily is so functional for me. I love the section for menu planning, cleaning routine, and finances. I love the verses. I adore the mini pocket calendar! I cannot wait to get next year's on the shelf, ready and waiting for more life and memories to document and live - and more doodling to find.


Love the format and the sticky back is great, but if you want to be able to take it off the fridge to write things and then put it back rather than standing in front of the fridge, you might prefer to add magnets instead of peeling off the cover on the sticky backing.


Did not receive, waiting on seller for response about refund.

So sorry for the issue! We've reached out to you a couple of times via email and are awaiting your response. Your order shows as delivered on our end and we're needing you to verify your address for us. Hope to hear from you soon!