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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Michelle T.
        Favorite planner of all time. Print and digital

        I have used this digital planner for the past 3 years. I made the mistake of purchasing a different planner for 2024 because it said I will get annual updates for the cost of one year, so I fell for it. It was a horrible experience to download, I haven’t even began to use it yet and can already tell that it is not as organized as this one and that I am not going to like it nearly as well. Live and learn, stick with what you like. I’m afraid thatI will be reprimanding myself all year long.


        I cannot describe how amazing this planner is. I love how it incorporates so many aspects of your life into one planner that is simple and intricate all at the same time. It has so much but isn't completely overwhelming. Love love love!

        Alyssa P.

        Beware, it is extremely difficult to get these digital files to work, you may be able to print but who the heck has a printer nowadays!? They say “compatible with good notes and some other thing” but fail to tell you they are added apps that need to be downloaded AND purchase needs to be made in order to utilize it!

        I advised the hard time I’m having, asked for a refund and said I’d rather just buy the physical planner, they refuse to refund me because it’s “digital.” Well, disputing it with my bank and going with another company that has a similar planner and better price point.

        Oh and their Customer service team couldn’t even get my name right although we were messaging back and forth and my name is in my signature.

        Used this planner in the past maybe 2 ish years ago as a physical planner and it was great and the customer service was 5 stars. Now they’ve gotten bigger and it’s gone down the drain.

        We’re nothing but a $ to these people and their company.

        Jamie C.
        Favorite planner ever

        I've used TONS of planners over the years and this is the only one that I have returned to buy for a third year! I get the digital version so that I can print just the pages I know I'll use and put it in a disc planner so that I can add other important documents that I need for my life specifically. Absolutely love it.

        Transformed my day to day.

        This planner has transformed my daily habits and routines. It supports my goals to stay organized and not feel overwhelmed with my daily tasks. I love how all the tasks are broken down throughout the planner. At the end of each day, I feel accomplished. It’s also been an asset for reliving some of the mental load for tasks that don’t need to be done as regularly. PPP builds things into your year that are easy to forget, like changing your air filter or smoke alarm batteries. I also love the checklists at the beginning for spring cleaning, yard and home maintenance and company is coming. Overall it makes like feel less overwhelming by breaking things down so I can accomplish more in a period of time. I feel more productive and organized. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this planner!

        The digital files are great to access on all devices iPhone, iPad, etc. I put the PDF into GoodNotes so I can access and edit the same file on both of my devices. I also print mine out and have a physical copy in a binder. I love the flexibility of the digital file!