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        Customer Reviews

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        Tasha Vokally
        So awesome!!

        It is so refreshing that a company would provide a low cost way to try out the product. This planner just works! I love being able to check things off the list, and you don't even have to think about it. The tasks that you do every day are organized at the top of each page, and then weekly/every-other-week/monthly/less frequent tasks are assigned throughout the week/month/year in a way that you can easily manage. When you purchase this, you get invited to the Facebook group, which is fun too. On special occasions, like 'organizing under the kitchen sink' week, you get to see how other people are doing it. It's a very supportive community in many ways.

        I printed a few weeks, but then decided that I would prefer to have the actual planner, so I am upgrading. I thought about purchasing a cheap-o planner and just writing the tasks in, but this planner is so well-thought-out, that it would be too much for me...the real thing will be worth it!

        LOVE IT

        It is just what I was looking for. I love the the checklist to keep me on task. It is well thought out and very easy to use. Because I use a disc system I am printing mine out. I do plan on trying the digital version on my ipad and I am grateful she includes the digital files for goodnotes along with the printable files. A very well designed product! Just get it...

        Diane Brush
        Planner PDF’s printed and LOVE!!

        Planners were sold out so I just printed the pdf and had it spiral bound! I LOVE IT! I have been using the old PPP home planner for 2 years along with my Happy Planner. I’ve been a hard core happy planner for many many years. This combined the 2 and more! It’s all on one page daily! I love it and don’t have FOMO for not being able to get the actual planner. Thanks for offering this option!

        Lisa Wood
        Planner that waits for you

        In a world of organized homes, picture perfect decorations, and glowing skin selfies, there's people like me. I love those photos! But my desk is a pile of "I need to deal with that", my decorations are collections of love (hand painted fish frame from one child's second grade art class? you bet!) and the skin glow might just be a goal.

        The digital planner happily lives in this world. It's on my iPad for when I can get there. It's not on my aforementioned disaster of a desk. (I had the paper version beforehand. The paper was gorgeous, the colors soothing and that sturdiness was remarkable. I hated throwing out that barely used planner.) My iPad is almost always nearby and if I have a couple minutes, I can take that time to look at and/or update my planner.

        One bonus to the digital planner (and the paper one): it's just really pretty. If you're going to confront the fact that you haven't exercised, dinner plans are a hope rather than a reality and other goals are waiting to be written down, doing that work in a beautiful environment makes it just easier.

        So Pleased!

        Let me start by saying I'm an Atlantic Canadian user *cries in shipping to Canada*. Before I even purchased these files, I contacted customer service as an Android user and they gave me a list of helpful programs that orher customers tried that should work with this planner on a tablet/phone, which I really appreciated. I ended up splurging a little and getting my new planner printed off at my local Staples. To have it in hand has been so much better for my ability to follow along with the layout and start to form such better habits!
        I love, love, love the layout! I love the checklists daily. The budget worksheet for every month! The checklists for all the various to-dos around my home... that I always forget! I really feel like this is a thoughtfully done, well laid out whole home and family planner and I'm so glad I came across it!