Meal Planning Notepad


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Do you find it stressful to plan your meals every week? Look no further than the Meal Planning Notebook! This helpful notebook is designed to help you stay on top of your meal planning while saving you time and money. We’ve created the best meal planning notebook so that you can stay organized, cook without stress, and enjoy healthy and delectable meals every day of the week.

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Erica S.
Love this little meal plan/grocery list

I really love this thing. I am a list person and am weirdly fussy about the paper I use. I love this notepad! It's small but handy. I love the hard cover because it keeps my list from getting tattered, plus it's cute. I can throw it in my purse and then in the seat of my cart on grocery day. I usually write out my meal plan on the left side and then add to the grocery list. I can tear out the meal plan and put it on the fridge for the family to see for the week. It's honestly a simple concept but something about the design makes me happy :)


Love that this is inclusive and compact. The hard cover allows me to put it in my purse and it's protected when I grocery shop

Almost love it

I was really excited to get this but I thought it had a magnet on the back so I could put it on my fridge like the other lists. If it had a magnet, it would be perfect.

Surprised !

The Meal Planning Notepad was one of my “Do I Really Need This” purchases. Now that I have it and have been using it I really like it. It is both handy and useful. It is convenient.I use it for immediate menu planning and future menu planning.


Love the layout