Grocery List Notepad

Did you forget to buy something while grocery shopping last time? Don't worry! Try our Grocery List Notepad. The magnet easily hangs on your fridge, allowing you to add items as you run out or remember the next time you head to the store.

Our Grocery List Pad is the perfect tool to streamline your grocery shopping experience. With this pad, you'll never forget to buy milk or any other grocery item again! Simplify your meal planning and shopping with the addition of our Fridge Meal Plan Pad

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Breanne S.
Love This Notepad

I love this grocery notepad (I've used it for other lists or reminders not just groceries). It magnets to my refrigerator so items can be added easily as we run out and the sticker back (like a post it) makes it easier to take the page along with me to the store (I stick it to the cart handle so I can keep track of the items I need/have added to my cart).

amy j.

i love these pads. they are perfect for my to do lists/grocery lists
great quality


I love how small the spaces between the lines is. It's a great use of space. So many grocery list pads waste space with massive spaces between the lines.


Ahh it's the simple things like in life that create joy! So easy to add to this throughout the week. Looks great on the fridge!

Mickey A.

I use as a daily brain dumping list/ to do list. I love it