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      Balancing your work life can be overwhelming - but with the direction and encouragement from our Work Planner you can become efficient and organized with your everyday mundane tasks.

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      ✔️2024-25 Work Planner

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      Option 2: The Work Planner Kit — Just $74! (quantities limited)

      Get the 2024-25 Work Planner we've all been waiting for, PLUS additional beauties you'll use allthe time!

      ✔️2024-25 Work Planner

      ✔️Sticker Book

      ✔️4-Pack Blank Journals

      ✔️And of course, free shipping!

      This is NOT your traditional work planner...

      Life can be overwhelming and it's easy to feel like you're falling behind - but we've got just the thing for you to get back in control! Our PPP Work Planner is the perfect tool to help you stay organized and efficient, without feeling overwhelmed.

      This planner is optimized for busy women to organize their work each day, including goal setting, planning pages and more. With our PPP Work Planner, you'll have all the tools you need to make every day count.


      "I have been using the home planner for a few years now but just HAD to give the work planner a try. I love it! It's a great way to keep appointments listed all while making goals and setting priorities. Now I'm not sure which one I like better - guess I'll just keep getting BOTH! Thank you Laurie and team for creating such a great planner!! You guys rock!"

      — Dee, Verified Customer

      Our System Makes It Easy!

      The Monday start and vertical format helps users manage their events, set reminders, create checklists and track projects with ease. What's more, its beautiful design makes it even easier to stay organized and efficient!


      • 2 Calendar Options
      • Intentions & Dreams Pages
      • Workspace & Monthly Checklists
      • Use with Goodnotes on iPad
      • Print PDF files at home
      • Goals Pages
      • Expense Trackers
      • Monthly Reviews Pages
      • Hourly Layout

      Did I Mention... We've Really Thought of Everything?!

      The Details...

      • July 2024 - June 2025 (week starting Monday)
      • 7.5 x 9.75 inch pages (<1 in thick), weighs 2 lb 2 oz
      • 70 lb, pure white smooth paper
      • Thick, blue linen cover
      • Gold, sturdy continuous coil binding
      • Blue foil-stamped sturdy mylar tabs
      Get the Full List of What's Included!

      "I have been using my PPP home planner at my work planner since I am remote. It has been okay, but not ideal because it is not designed to be used in that manner. The new work planner is perfect. I love how classy it is, love the cover and how well thought out the content is. I appreciate having the ability to see and add appointments by the hour. I'll be purchasing this planner for years to come. Well done Laurie and the PPP team "

      - K.E.

      "I've been using the PPP work planner since it launched virtually and could NOT wait to order the printed version. I've nver thought to try an hour by hour calendar before and it seriously is a game changer! I run a business with four locations so time is very valuable. This calendar helps me to stay focused and set realistic to do lists each day and week. I could not believe the amount of increased productivity I experienced when switching to the planner. I would definitely recommend it! "


      "Working from home I have been struggling to find a good method for keeping my work projects straight and track my time and appointments. This planner is beautiful and simple and does exactly what I need. I use the extra part of the hourly schedule for my task list for the day and I can easily see what needs to be done. Love it!"

      - Jenn B.

      We're SO Glad You're Here!

      We are so excited for you to get your planner (and other fun goodies) for 2024! It’s going to be an amazing year of caring for our families, our homes, our work and ourselves beautifully. So thankful for you today!!