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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 183 reviews
        Donna P.
        Wonderful Planner!

        I bought this planner for my high school junior daughter. She is taking classes at our local high school, local college, and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, so she has A LOT to keep organized. This planner has served its purpose well, and I plan to buy one next year for her senior year!

        Penny M.
        School planner

        I bought this again this year for my granddaughter. She loved it last year and said it was really helpful. She is in high school and has a part time job. She liked that she could keep track of her school work, classes and the hours of her job.


        My middle schooler loves this planner! It has helped alleviate some of her stress that has come with attending a new school. She loves the organization and the stickers that has come with it. She was absolutely blown away by the bookmark ruler LOL. Such a great product now if only I can get my high schooler to use one.

        Debra L.
        An excellent junior version of the original Home Planner

        I have been a paper planner devotee for over 40 years, so I am sure of the features I want and need in a planner. I found PPP several years ago, and have purchased many of Laurie’s products. I have been completely obsessed with the Home Planner since I first found it, and I had tried to frankenplan using a planner from another excellent company’s line combined with Laurie’s PRINTABLES and accessories. But I cannot wait to return to PPP HOME PLANNER and stop complicating the system. So I did switch to this academic planner just to hold me while I waited for the 2024 Home Planner Launch! This cute little planner has been remarkable, and has set me on fire to return to the Home Planner exactly as marketed!

        The system is intuitive, it is easy to stay on track without feeling so overwhelmed! The colors and quality are so pleasing that I find it enjoyable every time I open up my book! I am delighted by the opportunities to customize the chore lists using the accessory packs. As a perfectionist, this enables me to feel good about how my planner looks, as a messy page with items crossed out would be off-putting and discouraging!

        I LOVE the addition of Scripture verses, which is essential to remembering the “why” these schedules are important. I doubt that I will ever feel enticed by any other planner out there. This one is so perfect, and I can’t wait to set up my next purchase and dive in!

        Deb Long

        ANGIE C.

        I purchased this planner for my adult daughter who is going back to school. It is the perfect size for her purse. She uses it not only to keep up with school, but also to manage the life of a busy mom with two boys. I highly recommend this item, as I do all items I have purchased from PPP. Everything they design is top notch.