Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards
Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards

Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards

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Meal Planning Made Easy

In a unique and done-for-you menu planning system that comes with slow cooker meal plans, recipe cards, and shopping lists!

** This does not come with a recipe tin. **


You will receive 12 weeks of slow cooker meal plans and helpful tips. The meal plans, recipes and grocery lists come on individual cards that is heavy and durable.

The recipe cards are 4x6 making them easy to store in your favorite recipe box. The cards are a high quality heavyweight card stock. They can withstand the "love" you give them as you prepare meals each week!

With the printed meal plans and recipe cards, you can quickly grab your recipe card for the day to keep meal planning super simple and easy on those busy days. No more logins and passwords - the meal plans are literally at your fingertips! 


There are 60 slow cooker recipes with 5 recipes assigned to each given week. Each recipe card includes calorie counts and provides servings to feed 5-9 people with enough for leftovers.

We spent months testing each recipe to get the recipes exactly right! All of the recipes are family approved. Many of the recipes can be prepared with a different cooking method other than the slow cooker. Try making a few on the grill or stovetop. You won't be disappointed! 


The printed grocery lists can be thrown in your handbag or tote to make grocery shopping a breeze! The grocery lists are also reusable - mark them up with a dry erase marker and wipe them off to use again and again!

The prepared grocery lists make it simple and fast to do your grocery shopping with a grocery delivery or pickup service. Take the grocery list and prepare your shopping list in your favorite grocery shopping app to save more time and moolah!


Each recipe card contains a daily grace that changes with each week's meal plan. With the hustle and bustle of school, extra-curricular activities, jobs, the list goes on and on; your time slowing down to say grace together as a family is something that was so important to be included.

Family dinners are a sacred time for families. We want to support and encourage this important time together to not only share a delicious meal but to feed and nourish the soul.


Each slow cooker meal plan recipe card pack also comes with 5 blank recipe cards. These blank recipe cards match the design and style of the slow cooker meal plans.

We have family favorites that are important to keep tucked away in your favorite recipe box. The blank recipe cards can be used to handwrite those treasured recipes.

This is truly a meal plan that can be passed down to family members as a beautiful gift. 


For a limited time, you will receive the following bonuses with your Slow Cooker Meal Plans Recipe Cards purchase:


  • Slow Cooker Recipes and Grocery Lists
    Instant access to the PDF format of all recipes and grocery lists included with the recipe cards. 

  • Editable Recipe Card
    Instant download to a blank recipe card that is completely editable.

  • Facebook Community
    Membership to a dedicated PPP Supper Club Facebook group for all meal plan users.

Access to these bonuses will be emailed to you following your purchase. The email will come from the Passionate Penny Pincher customer support email of

Do NOT delay the purchase of your Meal Planning Made Simple System! Click "ADD TO CART" NOW so you will be guaranteed yours when the first batch ships this week. 

Product Details

  • 12 Weeks of Slow Cooker Meal Plans

  • 60 Recipes on 4x6 Recipe Cards

  • 12 Reusable Grocery Shopping Lists

  • Daily Family Grace

  • 5 Blank Recipe Cards

This product does NOT include the Recipe Tin.


Please find a few questions we have already received as the anticipation has grown for the Meal Planning Made Easy System. As always, please email the Passionate Penny Pincher customer support email of if you have questions related to the system which includes the slow cooker meal plans recipe cards.

How many people does one recipe feed?

The recipes make enough to serve 5-9 (depending on the ages of your family), and are family tested and approved.

What size slow cooker will I need for the recipes?

Most of the recipes included were tested using a 6 or 7 quart slow cooker and should fit inside a 6 quart slow cooker easily.

What types of proteins are called for the recipes? 

The full pack of slow cooker recipes has a wide variety of different proteins, and even meatless recipes, spread across the weeks. In total we have the following breakdown for all recipes:

  • Beef - 17 recipes
  • Chicken/Pork Combo - 2 recipes
  • Pork - 11 recipes
  • Poultry - 4 recipes
  • Meatless - 4 recipes

Also, for the beef recipes that call for ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken will be a great substitute as well.

You can get a good look at the recipes included in the slow cooker meal plan by zooming in on each picture included.

I adhere to a certain diet, will these work for me?

With some tweaking most of the recipes can be adjusted to meet most dietary needs.

I like to track my calories. Are the recipes considered healthy? 

Each recipe includes basic calorie counts. If you’re adhering to a specific diet and would like exact calories and nutrition information on a certain recipe, use an online calorie counter like My Fitness Pal, Lose It or Very Well Fit.

We know that individual eating styles will vary and understand if the slow cooker recipes aren't a good fit for your family's needs.

Do you offer international shipping?

We do not offer international shipping at this time.

I want to purchase multiple sets of recipe cards and have them shipped to someone. Do you offer that?

If you intend to order and receive multiple sets of recipe cards at ONE address, you do NOT need to follow these steps. 

Yes! We have already had PPP readers state that they want to purchase multiple sets of recipe cards, or other products, and have the recipe cards shipped directly to their recipient. Follow these steps for checkout when ordering multiple sets of recipe cards and shipping them to different mailing addresses.

1. During checkout, select the button on the cart to "Ship to multiple addresses."

Shipping Products to Different Address

2. On the next screen, you will enter the quantity that the recipient should receive, click the drop down and select "New Address" to enter the mailing address for the individual receiving that set of recipe cards. Repeat for each recipient including your own address if you also intend to receive a set of recipe cards.

Select New Address for Multi-Ship Address Entry

3. Complete the name and mailing address for each recipient. In the "PHONE" section, please instead add the email address for the recipient. The PPP team can use for speedy verification for the Facebook Group Membership access. 

4. Once all fields are complete, including the Email Address, click "Continue" to repeat the process by clicking the "+" sign below your first recipient, add the quantity and the next recipient's address and email address for this order.

If you have any questions at all on the multi-address shipping order process, or don't happen to know the recipient's email address at the time of order, just email the Passionate Penny Pincher customer support email of