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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 22 reviews
        Jenni L.
        Love it, but…

        I love almost everything about it, except two things. 1) The cream linen cover (while pretty) is just not conducive to keeping it clean. Upon opening it after shipping, it immediately collected every spec of dust and lint from my sweater. Also, I have two fairly messy businesses, one a creative business and the other a pet sitting business. A wipeable cover similar to all of the other planners would be a big improvement. 2) After December, it just sort of drops off after that month. I think that would be some valuable space for some truly thoughtful and useful year end reflections. At the very minimum, some blank note pages would be extremely helpful at the end. Other than those two changes, I love it and can’t wait to use it!

        Helps Keep Work and Life Separate

        Historically I have kept work and life tasks in the same planner. Given that a lot of my work tasks are tracked electronically, that hasn't been an issue in the past. However, as I pursue roles with more leadership responsibilities, this was going to be more difficult to keep straight between online schedules and my personal planner. This was the perfect solution and beautiful to boot! It will dramatically decrease the likelihood that I will drop balls at work, miss meetings, or double book myself because I was looking at "the wrong schedule." It will also allow me to keep all of my work tasks completely separate from those in my personal life, helping me leave work and work and be present at home when I'm home.

        Evelyn B.
        High Quality

        I’ve used the home planned for several years and love it so I decided to get this one for work. The quality is superb! After seeing it my picky daughter, that we tease about being bougie, wants one for her new venture into real estate.

        Amber N.

        I just received mine in the mail and WOW! The quality is unmatched. The contents line up with exactly what I have been talking about with my team and on my social media platform. I cannot wait to dive in and get even more intentional!! What a great gift to yourself or a lady in your life

        Chrissy M.
        Be Aware of the Cover Fabric! It’s awful.

        I really wanted to like this planner, but the cover’s fabric is just awful. I should have noted that it said linen, but in my mind I thought the color. The texture is so off-putting. I miss the smooth cover of other planners. I’m sad that I have to use this one now because I don’t want to waste $60. When I pick it up, it sends chills up my spine. Not soft or nice, just rough. And because it is a light color, it will pick up all kinds of dirt and look gross by the end of the year. I do like the format inside, though, which is why I bought it. If you don’t mind a rough fabric on the cover, then you will probably like the planner.